It’s Spring in our neck of the woods, and it’s the perfect time to take a look at your front door!

In a day when garages and side doors are common, homeowners no longer enter and exit their front doors as often. In fact, sometimes we forget to check our front doors entirely! Spring is a great time to take a look for some common problems that may show up right at your front door.

Paper Wasps are common in the south, and spring is when they begin to build new nests or add on to old nests. These pests will build in high corners, eves, and porch covers that are protected from the elements. They can do particular damage to any wood decking, siding, or plants near their nest. Not only do they pose a sting hazard as they become more aggressive later in the summer, but allowing these guys to set up shop at your home means they can do extensive damage to wood on or near your home over time. Though they are beneficial to the environment in the insects they eat, it’s best to keep them away from your home.

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Overgrown hedges can become a problem any time of year, but often we notice in Spring because yard work falls a little to the wayside during the winter months. Hedges, trees, shrubs, and vines that grow too close to the house can do damage in the following ways:

1) trap moisture too close to your foundation, or have roots that breach foundations or support walls.

2) Give critters a place to hide, including potentially dangerous or invasive bugs, rodents, reptiles, or other vermin. (including termites who love to find any way into your home!)

3) Cause trip hazards with creeping roots, sink holes around roots, or broken sidewalks from roots undermining your concrete.

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Debris and Solicitations can accumulate at your front doorstep over time, which can give your home a vacant or run-down appearance, potentially making it a target for break ins. Tidying up leaves, trash, toys, abandoned phone books, flyers, and other solicitations not only makes your home more attractive, but minimizes other problems in trip hazards, devaluation of property, and places for vermin to hide. A clear entry way makes for a happy and attractive home. Curb appeal can make your house feel more like home!

Torn and worn flags are unsightly and reduce curb appeal, but it’s also a violation of The Flag Code, when you let your American Flag deteriorate. If your flag can be mended do so in a timely fashion; if it’s irreparable, most flags are respectfully destroyed June 14th on Flag day. Click the link above for more flag etiquette.

Even if you aren’t flying a national flag, it’s best to repair or remove any out of date or damaged flags and signage from your yard.

Hopefully these tips will help you maintain your home this Spring. We’ll provide you with more tips to help you take care of your long term investment throughout the year. Have any questions or need referrals for your home care? Give the Best Darn Real Estate Team a call!