Columbus GA Rocks : Everyday Art, Everywhere 

Have you heard about Columbus GA Rocks? This collective art project was started in our area in 2017 after local artists were inspired by a “Lakeland Rocks” group.

The idea is to build community good will and spread joy through the creation of art that is shared in a fun way through the act of hiding the colorful rocks around town. Spark Art and other groups have hosted rock painting parties for artists of all ages, and in just a few years Columbus and surrounding areas have been “Rocked” multiple times. You can read more about the Columbus GA Rocks initiative on their Facebook Group page.

The Best Darn Real Estate Team, having no shortage of art supplies or rocks at home (I mean we live on granite fields y’all), quickly took to the rock painting task and continue to regularly hide mini artworks around town. 

As a fun summer project, we encourage you, friends, and family to join in the fun.

All you needs is a few good rocks (please do not take them from public spaces, parks, or businesses) which can possibly be found around your home or purchased from hardware stores, dollar stores, or craft supply stores. You’ll need paint and paintbrushes. We have had success painting multiple products — paint markers, acrylic craft paint, stickers and Modge Podge, spray paint, and even old nail polish! Finally have a clear finishing spray paint on hand to seal your rock so it stays in prime condition. 

Don’t forget to paint Columbus GA Rocks (or [your city] rocks) on the back so other folks will know where it came from.

Where do you find inspiration on what to paint? Check out rock groups, books, clothing patterns, your favorite illustrated book or comic, or even let the rock inspire you with it’s shape. Check out our Rocks on our Facebook Page!

Once your rocks are painted, dry and sealed — set them free! Favorite spots are on Broadway in Uptown Columbus, The Landings Shopping Center, Columbus Park Crossing Shopping Center and at a few local (not national) parks. Check out suggestions on the Columbus Ga Rocks page for more suggestions on where to hide rocks and where you SHOULD’T hide rocks.

And if you’re out hiding and happen to get lucky and find one yourself? Share a photo of it on your local rock group page with the hashtag for it’s city, such as #columbusgarocks so the artist might see that their rock was found.

If you find one of ours, comment on the photo to let us know on our page, and let us know if you kept it or re-hid it!