Why List In A Seller’s Market?

     “If it’s a seller’s market, what do I need a Realtor for? I should have no problem selling my home on my own if everyone is out looking!”

It’s a common misconception that during a seller’s market (or any market), you can easily sell your home For Sale By Owner, especially if you’ve never sold your own home before. Here are a few reasons why you should still consider hiring a Realtor even if the market looks like it’s in your favor.

1) How are buyers going to find you?

Even though consumers have a lot more options in the digital age to broadcast their listings, there are still flaws to the system. Your Facebook Reach and Zillow stats are only as good as your sphere and the the way your home is presented through photos and descriptions. If it doesn’t match what buyers are looking for, or you’re not actively marketing your property, you’re missing opportunities. If you’re not doing any marketing and are relying on a sign in your yard; then you’re at the whim of whoever passes by and can read your number.

** A Realtor actively markets your home, not just to buyers, but to other Realtors. We know that just because we don’t have a matching client, doesn’t mean another Realtor isn’t working with someone that would LOVE your home. We work together to get your house SOLD!

2) You can still price yourself out of the market.

We like to say that everything is negotiable in Real Estate, and that is a something you may have heard as well. And since you’re expecting some haggling, you may think that pricing your home a little higher will work towards your benefit. Unfortunately that’s not the case. A home that is overpriced in the market actually tends to sell for less than market value MUCH later that homes that are priced in line with the market.

** Buyers don’t want to see homes that they perceive are overpriced and sometimes think that owners aren’t willing to negotiate if they are priced high. Your Realtor will help you price your home in line with the market to get you the BEST offer in the shortest amount of time.

3) Buyers tend to work with Realtors!

Because working with a buyers agent is essentially free and the buying process can feel a bit overwhelming, especially to new buyers, or buyers new to our market… most potential home buyers contact a Realtor to work with in order to find the house they want quickly and get the best deal for their home.

** Listing your home and being willing to work with a Realtor will help you reach MORE buyers, faster.


4) Okay, I’m willing to work with a Buyers Agent.

Even if you are willing to work with and pay a Buyer’s agent, they will only be representing the buyer, and not your interests as a seller (as a Buyer’s agent, that’s their job!). You will have to negotiate on your own behalf to -hopefully- get the deal you want.

** A Realtor who lists your home, represents YOU as a seller. They help you understand disclosure laws, negotiate on your behalf not only for the best price, but also for repairs requests. Your Listing Agent will help you understand the market better so you know what to expect before an offer comes in. 

5) How are buyers going to pay for your house?

We all wish we had hundreds of thousands of dollars in our pocket; however, the likelihood that a cash buyer is going to just show up and hand you a briefcase of money is a little slim. Most buyers have to get financing and that requires a lot of moving parts. Will a rate change cause them to lose financing? Can the person who really loves your home even get financing? How will you know if they can’t get a loan after all?

** Your Listing Agent helps make sure that buyers who are interested in your home are pre-qualified or can provide proof of funds so you don’t waste your precious time on buyers who can’t close. If financing does fall through, your Realtor can help you get your home back on the market quickly.


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