First Time Sellers

The last time you participated in a transaction was when you bought your home. It was probably exciting and probably took between 30-60 days. Home buying is all about critiquing homes to find the one that’s right for you without making too many repairs or upgrades.

Home Selling can be much slower, sometimes 60-90 days if it’s priced in the market and if there are other homes on the market. Even when the market is HOT (homes going under contract in a few days or weeks), it can still feel slow because you are waiting for buyers to show up, waiting to hear feedback, waiting for the offer.

As a First Time Seller remember to:
* Have patience, the right buyer will come for you

* Take your agent’s advice on pricing. Pricing too high may result in staying on the market too long and selling under market value much later.

* Sing it like Elsa and “let it go!” It’s your house and you have an emotional attachment to it, but you’re moving because you need something else now, whether it’s a move out of state or to a bigger or smaller home, etc. Some of our sellers have ritualistically said “Thank You” to their house for the time they’ve had it and pray for new buyers whose needs it will fit to help them let go of their emotional attachment to their home.

* The Inspection Report is NOT a critique of you. Homes need maintenance, and sometimes an inspection report may turn up an issue that you weren’t aware of. The good news is, most of these issues can be resolved, repaired, or dealt with to get your house sold. 

* Win-Win is the best way to make it to the closing table. Your agent will help you in negotiations to get the best deal and still get your house sold. There are a lot of factors that affect a real estate transaction: market conditions, number of qualified buyers, buyer urgency, regional expectations, quality and condition of the home,  whether or not there are too many or not enough houses on the market, and whether the home appraises. Don’t get seller’s remorse over someone else’s “deal;” there may be unknown factors influencing their sale.

Most importantly, keep reminding yourself why you’re selling. It’s for an important reason, and keeping that in mind will help you overcome future obstacles. Don’t hesitate to ask questions during the selling process. It’s better to have clear answers than to worry about things.